Satoshi “Phoenix” Haneda

April 19, 2023

I joined Honda R&D as an electrical engineer and was responsible for research and development in the power products area, including the robotic lawnmower Miimo, as well as strategic planning in the planning office for over 10 years. After completing an MBA in graduate school, I launched the open innovation program “Honda Xcelerator Japan” in 2018 as a member of Honda Innovations to accelerate collaboration with Japanese tech startups.

In 2020, we created the “IGNITION” program to launch spin-off startups from within Honda. The first statup is Ashirase Inc, which provides a walking navigation system for the visually impaired using foot vibration. The second company Striemo Inc, provides three-wheeled micromobility with innovative balance-assist technology. I’ve supported launch, fundraising and value-up with VCs to incubate their business.

In 2023, I returned to this team again. Also we have transformed as Honda Xcelerator Ventures with not only collaboration but also investment activity from Honda headquarters in Tokyo.