Honda Silicon Valley Lab launches HSVL Vehicle API for Evernote Devcup

6月 3, 2013

Honda Silicon Valley Lab launches HSVL Vehicle API for Evernote Devcup

05/31/2013 – Redwood City, CA

Honda Silicon Valley Lab (HSVL) has launched the HSVL Vehicle API to allow app developers participating in the Evernote Devcup 2013 to access vehicle data from HSVL test vehicles. With the launch of this API, Evernote developers can incorporate selected Honda vehicle data to build apps that make the car user experience more efficient, enjoyable and memorable.

The HSVL Vehicle API is a Web Service API that provides Evernote developers access to pre-recorded vehicle data from the car’s internal network with modification to encourage developers to make full use of the APIs and build vehicle-aware applications. HSVL has pre-recorded the vehicle data from various trips that exhibit different road/weather conditions including windy roads and rainy weather, as well as, demonstrate different driving behaviors such as driving with low fuel levels. For each trip, HSVL provides around 20 vehicle data points that are accessible using the HSVL API including odometer reading, vehicle speed, fuel level, turn signal status, etc.

More information about the HSVL Vehicle API can be found at

About HSVL
Honda Silicon Valley Lab (HSVL) is a division of Honda R&D Americas, Inc., the North American research and development subsidiary of Honda R&D Co., Ltd. HSVL was established in May 2011 in Mountain View, Calif. as an open innovation lab for global Honda R&D focused on information technology. HSVL interfaces with a broad spectrum of IT innovators, from large, well established companies to small startup firms and individuals. The recent integration of Apple Siri Eyes Free into certain Honda and Acura vehicles is an example of Honda’s strides to lead the industry in bringing new information technology into its products. For more information, please visit

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