HONDA INNOVATIONS Portfolio Company INERATEC Announce Strategic Partnership with SOLER to Produce Sustainable Fuels in Europe

6月 17, 2024

Congratulations to our portfolio company, INERATEC and SOLER, on their groundbreaking partnership to produce sustainable fuels from renewable hydrogen and CO2 out of forest residues in Europe.

Karlsruhe, Germany / Lacanau, France, June 13, 2024 –
INERATEC and SOLER announced a landmark partnership aimed at revolutionizing the sustainable fuel industry in Europe. This strategic collaboration will see the construction of a cutting-edge biocarbon and e-Fuel production facility in southern France, leveraging hydrogen and CO2 sourced from forest residues to produce carbon-neutral fuels.

The innovative facility, a first of its kind, will have a significant environmental impact by reducing CO2 emissions by 100,000 tons annually. This initiative marks a critical step in the holistic approach to achieving carbon neutrality, particularly in hard-to-abate sectors such as aviation, shipping, and road transport.

INERATEC and SOLER integrate their technologies to maximize resource efficiency. SOLER’s pyrolysis transforms forestry residues into high-quality biocarbon and clean syngas, which INERATEC then refines with hydrogen to produce high-grade e-Fuels. This process uses 95% of biomass carbon and recycles water and heat, significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions and ensuring sustainable practices.

This method supports forest health by utilizing low-value wood residues and aligning with natural growth cycles. Pierre Soler-My, CEO of SOLER, highlighted that their technology allows industrial-scale production for hard-to-decarbonize sectors, optimized further by INERATEC’s e-Fuel processes.

This collaboration offers scalable clean solutions with significant investment returns, leveraging modular technologies for flexible application. The project promises both financial and environmental benefits, contributing to a sustainable future.



INERATEC is a pioneer in the field of Power-to-Liquid applications. The company supplies sustainable fuels as well as chemical products. Modular chemical plants for power-to-X and gas-to-liquid applications use hydrogen from renewable electricity and greenhouse gasses such as CO2 to produce e-kerosene, CO2-neutral gasoline, clean diesel or synthetic waxes, methanol or SNG. Founded in 2016, INERATEC has already implemented industrial-scale power-to-liquid plants at German sites to boost the availability of sustainable fuels and chemicals in various transport sectors such as aviation. Further information can be found via


Founded in 1993 in the Grand Est region of France, the SOLER Group is a leader in the production of renewable carbon, offering a unique, cutting-edge technological solution for achieving global climate neutrality. Thanks to its own patented technology, the Group’s biorefineries transform wood residues – from sustainably managed forests located near its production sites – into charcoal, biocarbon, biochar and green energy. The SOLER Group is based in Gyé-sur-Seine (Aube, Grand Est) and Lacanau (Gironde, Nouvelle-Aquitaine) and employs almost 200 people.