Honda “Xcelerates” Startup Collaboration in Europe

November 20, 2018

Honda Innovations is working with Honda operations globally to establish startup liaisons, providing protocols and best practices identifying and engaging with startups and entrepreneurs who share Honda’s vision for transforming mobility.

The second of Honda Xcelerator’s global launch events took place on December 7th in Europe, formally kicking off Honda Innovations’ collaboration with Honda Research Institute Europe GmbH and HR&D Europe GmbH to proactively engage with the startup community throughout Europe. Honda Xcelerator Europe, known in Germany as Honda Innovation Team Europe, welcomed 80 venture investors, startups, and corporate innovators at local co-working space, Ahoy! Berlin. The evening began with introductions and an overview of Honda Innovation Team Europe from Honda Xcelerator Global Head Dennis Clark, Honda Innovation Team Europe Startup Liaison Thomas Weisswange, and Honda Research Institute Europe President Bernhard Sendhoff. Also featured were three innovative startup partners working closely with different Honda business units: Heuro Labs (collaborating with Honda Research Institute Europe GmbH), Ubitricity (collaborating with Honda R&D Europe GmbH) and WayRay (collaborating with Honda Innovations). The three startups pitched their technology and spoke highly of their experiences partnering with Honda Xcelerator. Wrapping up the evening, e&co CEO Dr. Engelbert Wimmer led a panel discussion focusing on creating meaningful corporate-startup collaborations with Honda Innovations CEO Nick Sugimoto and two local startup representatives.

By engaging more deeply with the local startup community, Honda startup liaisons will create win-win opportunities for collaborations between top innovators and Honda.